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Benefit Soursop Fruits For Health

Soursop fruit is one of the fruits that we often encounter and no stranger to our ears. Grown mainly in Central and South America, the Caribbean, alongside and in Indonesia is also an awful lot of soursop leaves. It has some benefits make soursop leaves the choice of people to be used as a natural remedy. In addition to treating cancer, the benefits of soursop leaf to own health is very much and you need to know. Summarized from various sources, soursop leaf contains several nutritional value such as these you need to know. Nutritional value of soursop Soursop is very low in calories. 100 g serving of the following results: Calories-66 Total Carbohydrate 16 g-sugar-13g Fiber 3 g Protein-1 g Folic acid-14 �g Vitamin C-20.6 mg Magnesium-21 mg of potassium-270mg Benefits Of Soursop Leaf 1. Treating cancer Cancer is a deadly disease in the world. Passing soursop leaves we can treat cancer by slowly. Enough to boil water for drinking and soursop leaves regularly, God willing will help treat