How To Whiten Teeth Naturally

No doubt everyone includes you also want to have the teeth white and clean. So most people flock to use specific products to be more instant to whiten teeth, but you should know also that any products containing the chemical elements are not all safe when used, it would be nice if more you follow the 5 ways to whiten teeth naturally. With natural ingredients you can be assured of security and kenyamananya so don't risk dangerous especially on your teeth.

You also do not need to worry any more if you feel your teeth start to yellow and need special care, then simply exploiting this natural course would have be able to resolve the issue. But this way is indeed not immediately get instant results because it takes the regularity and consistency to desist, so don't forget to care each day. Following penjelasanya detail you can read below.

Dental problems is indeed not a few, ranging from bleeding gums, teeth, toothless porous, and will discus Sea Health namely dental problem that is less white aka yellow teeth. The various causes of yellow teeth, among other rare brushing your teeth, eating too much food which causes yellow teeth, because although often brushed will still look yellow when we too often eat food that often makes teeth become yellow. Many other health info in our web, please also read how to care for the face. Well, do you feel tired with problems in your teeth? If Yes, come check out the following tips to whiten teeth.

How To Whiten Teeth

1. Areca Seed
Areca seed can be as a means of brushing my teeth whitening teeth at once. The way is take the seeds of areca nut is an old one, and then burn off some first and then puree until as fine powder. After everything finished mix the powder with water and use as a material for brushing my teeth. Remember do it gently so that the layer of your teeth are not damaged.

2. Bay leaf
Bay leaf is also believed to be able to whiten teeth and also strengthen the teeth. The way is take the 4-6 strands of leaves that have already dried up, then squeeze and mash. Add a little lemon bubk, then the material is ready for you to rub it directly on your teeth area evenly.

3. Orange peel
How to whiten teeth the next is by wearing orange rind the way is take part Orange rind that has a white color and use that section for brushing my teeth. Recommendations for its use in the evening ahead of the beds so that your teeth, which can seep and your teeth will feel refreshed when waking up in the morning. Use always the Orange skin that is still fresh and fresh content because there are substances that are good for the health of your teeth.

4. Strawberries
This fruit has a good folic acid substances to whiten teeth naturally. So you can memanfaatkanya in a way few strawberries puree with a blender, then apply on your teeth are evenly and leave it in the past to 15 minutes, then rinse and brush your teeth. This is the best way to make your teeth whiter than ever but the use of excessive and even strawberries will damage the tooth's email so wear to taste only.

5. The Miswak
For sure you already know that the miswak is the stem of the plant that originated in the Middle East and one of the function was able to whiten teeth naturally live. Try to buy the original and use miswak while brushing my teeth on a regular basis.


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