4 Benefits of Toothpaste For Beauty And Health

You may be wondering what the hell actually Benefit Toothpaste for health and beauty too? You also might've often find skin care tips by making use odol or toothpaste as its main ingredient. It is indeed a unique cuku, because toothpaste is designed to be a dental care products, not the skin, especially the face skin. However, there have been many testimonials that mention the truth about the benefits of using toothpaste to skin care.

Toothpaste generally contains fluoride which is the active ingredient that works to nourish and strengthen teeth. In addition, most are antibacterial toothpaste because these products are designed to maintain the cleanliness of the mouth and teeth. Toothpaste is indeed always the beginning could not be formulated for skin care products, so the likelihood of a major failure of mismatch or prosentasenya. Dry skin and irritation is a side effect that may occur when your skin is too sensitive with the content of the toothpaste used.

Content of detergents in toothpastes can also cause heat to the skin even though at the beginning you feel a cool sensation, therefore usage of toothpaste is not very recommended to overcome the skin blisters or burning. But if you're still interested, here is a list of the benefits of toothpaste for beauty and health.

Benefit Toothpaste
1. Help acne mengempeskan benefits of toothpaste the first is capable of mengempeskan acne. When you have acne that is newly formed, you can try to prevent its growth by using toothpaste as a replacement for acne medication. Apply toothpaste to cover pimples and leave overnight. If you are lucky, the acne will mengempes and does not leave scars on the face.

2. Help whiten underarm skin
The area of skin folds often undergoes a pigmentation though not exposed to sunlight, one example is the skin of the armpit. Pigmentation or darkening of the skin of the armpit can also occur due to the process of shaving or repeal the wrong feathers. For memutihkannya with the help of odol, how easily any time. You simply rub up against toothpaste evenly on the skin of the armpit for 10 � 15 minutes. Do each was about to take a bath and be pleased to prove it.

3. Clean the blackheads
Other skin problems are believed to be resolved with the use of toothpaste is blackheads. Blackheads are the result of a blockage of the dead skin cells and excess sebum in the pores of the face it there are two types: open and closed comedones. For these types of blackhead is open, you can use toothpaste mixed with baking soda as a scrub. As for the open comedones white or blackheads are a type of closed, the skin compresses an unused berkomedo with toothpaste you can try. Note, however, that the way this may be memimbulkan hot sensation on the skin of the face and eyes.

4. Redden lips
Benefit toothpaste was able to make your lips pink blushes. Routinely apply toothpaste as lip mask every night is believed to be able to make the lips appear red blushes. Effect of memerahkannya did not always work on everyone, but the way it's always been a dry effect on lips. To that end, if you are interested in doing this method, make sure you compensate with the use of lip balm or lip moisturizer in order as well as the skin around the lips doesn't change dry, scaly, and cracked.


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