5 Foods To Get Rid of Acne Fast And Naturally

Blotchy skin condition often make fret because very disturbing appearance. By Sea Health create articles because that's what 5 foods to get rid of acne fast and naturally. You are definitely not curious what powerful foods get rid of acne fast? The acne did make the skin surface so it looks smooth and not hide behind acne makeup will can aggravate the situation. Not to mention, the acne sores often cause pain when accidentally touched. Various efforts ever undertaken to destroy acne-acne starts with the use of SOAP or sulfur containing antibacterial ointment, until pengempes acne.

Handling against skin breakouts often just focused with care from the outside. In fact, what is digested the body also gives influence on skin conditions. In other words, we can also cope with acne treatment from within through daily consumption. We will not discuss the supplements or acne medication that is taken, but rather to the acne busting drinks and food in General.

Curious what the good is consumed to prevent and get rid of acne on the skin? Read the summary of 5 foods to get rid of acne fast and Naturally follows.

1. Vegetables
Vegetables are indeed mandatory food consumed to satisfy nutritional needs in the body. By fulfilling the intake of good nutrition, body metabolism can be maintained and provides good electrical condition of the skin. More specifically, some types of vegetables with excellence in its pages can also help cleanse the bacteria in the blood so it can suppress the growth of acne. For example, vegetables rich in chlorophyll or marked with the color green like spinach. In addition, vegetables that are high in vitamin A content of his ever good for the skin as well as carrots. Multiply the consumption of cucumber is also highly recommended, lho! Because the cucumber is one of the foods that can get rid of acne quickly

2. Fruits
In addition to sweet and fresh fruits such as watermelon, strawberries, tomatoes or with the content of likopennya is very beneficial to the skin. Fruit indeed is one of the largest sources of vitamins needed by the body. To alleviate acne on the skin, multiply the consumption of fruit and choose fruit that varies every day so as not to get bored. Bananas, avocados, berries, apples, and so on could be an option should you consider. Routine drinking lemon juice is also highly recommended.

3. Eggs
Although often accused to be cause the emergence of pimples or boils, eggs are a source of vitamin B complex required the body to launch a process of regeneration of skin cells. The safest way to consume the eggs is by way of merebusnya until cooked.

4. Yogurt
Fermented milk products is indeed became the favorite material for treating the skin from inside and outside. Choose fresh yogurt product and does not contain a sweetener in order to be improved better. You can also add pieces of fruit into yogurt you as a healthy, natural flavour.

5. White water
A wide range of beauty and health tips always recommend consumption of water is sufficient, i.e. about 2 liters a day. In addition to maintaining the body's metabolism, drinking enough water can be menghidrasi the skin and prevent kuit becomes dry and dull. Occasional drinking green tea is also very good for skin health because of the high content of antioksidannya.

In addition to the five points above, you should also pay attention to what should not be consumed in excess. As for the food and beverages that can trigger the onset of acne are:

Fatty foods, such as fried foods.

Junk food or fast food that is high in calories too little content of its nutrition value.
Food and drinks containing sugar or sweeteners, including chocolate (in addition to the dark chocolate).

Milk, although not in General. However, the nutrient content in milk or strongly influenced by the condition of the cows are milked. The milk comes from cows that become pregnant can give reactions on the skin because of hormone differences on beef.


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