5 Lip Care To Prevent The Black Lips And Dry

5 lip care information to prevent the black lips and dry will share this time. Have you ever noticed the condition your lips dry and chapped? Do your lips looked pale, or even a dark-colored? The condition indicates the State of the lips that are less healthy. Or, it could also indicate that your body condition also is not prime.

There are types of people very Justin with the condition his lips so he is familiar with the condition of his lips that always dry and chapped, some are too concern with the State of her lips so that she never misses a day without wearing lipstick or dye on her lips.

Lip care to prevent the black lips and dry
The condition of a healthy lips is that under normal circumstances, the lips looked moist, smooth, and its color blushes. While some circumstances less healthy often encountered was super dry lips, chapped, until dark.

Conditions that are less healthy on the lips caused by several factors, and most of that is because exposure to damaging UV rays. Then, the habit of smoking, and other causes are most often wear lipstick IE allows mainly a matte, or made from synthetic dyes. Night's sleep habits without cleaning lipstick stuck in advance is also no good, you know.

To preserve the health of the lips, surely you have to reduce the things that most causes damage on the lip at the top. With regard to the care of the lips of the everyday, the trick is as follows

Lip Care
1. Expand the drinking water white
In addition to nourish the body, a pretty white water consumption can also help moisturize the lips. The lip is often dry or often stricken with canker sores can be caused by dehydration. For that, make sure you drink enough water at least eight glasses a day to maintain the condition of the lips.

2. do not force the lip skin peeling
The skin of the lips will always regenerate at regular intervals. When the lip skin regenerate and rudimentary peeling going on, a lot of people who felt cruel to mengelupasnya themselves. As a result, lips so hurt and bleed. When you are the one that is used to doing this, it's good you lip compresses an unused with a towel moistened with warm water already, and then rubbed it gently in a circular motion. How this will help mengelupaskan lips better.

3. reduce the food is too hot and spicy
Consuming fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins will be beneficial to the body. However, on the other hand you should also pay attention to the circumstances of a dish you eat. When you are accustomed to eating hot and spicy food, this can affect the condition of your lips. Then, limit yourself.

4. do not bite or lick the lips
These two things will make the lips dry and chapped. To that end, reduce this habit and use the wearing of lip balm to make the lips more moisturized without the need for frequent-often membasahinya with saliva which would only give the ill effects.

5. Use lip mask
Lip masks to be created with natural materials or use the instant products. Lip masks intended to nourish and moisturize the skin of the lips. As for the use of a scrub or eksfoliator for lips is actually not necessary, because the skin of the lips will regenerate automatically. However if you intend do exfoliate, use a scrub made from soft and moisturize the lips afterward. May the lip care information to prevent dry lips and black is beneficial.


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