8 Ways Appeared Confident With Thin Lips

First, it has the shape of a large and thick lips is a ' disaster ' in the world of beauty in the field apply makeup for lips this type need more lipstick to finish coloring and refining how it looks. However, lately the thicker lips and full of apparently being loved.

Since popularized by Hollywood celebrities, the women who have thin lips or is being sought so that the lip of the flock they could appear as beautiful as the models on television or the internet. Starting from using a special liquid, injection, up to menyumpalkan lips into the hole of the bottle ever done so that the lips look thicker and bigger.

Nevertheless, the look of thinner lips does not lose its aura. Korea artists including one that still respect the beauty of the shape of the lips thin layered of bright colours and soft. Not surprisingly, many people born with full lips looked for ways to get the shape of the lips.
If you are one of them, then the quickest way that can be done is to perform the operation. However, the way it requires some cost and great risk. Another way to disguise the shape of a large and thick lips is by playing the colors in wearing lipstick. Glossy or luster effects in the center of the lips needs to be avoided in order to not give the impression of getting full and thick.

People who have thick lips that form can be influenced by several factors. First, genetic factors or descent, where they are already born with a form of the lip. Then, the shape of a large and thick lips can be formed due to the buildup of dead skin cells on the lips that never lifted. It is marked with the usual conditions the lips dry and dull.

Dry lips can occur due to exposure to UV rays or habit of licking and biting of the lips. In addition, reasonable in frequency eating food spicy and hot can also cause swelling experience as lips. As a result, the size of lips matter turned into more looks full and thick.

If you want to make your lips look smaller and thinner, here are the things you need to do:

1. Quit the habit of licking, biting, and chewing on the lips

2. always protect your lips with a Moisturizer SPF A6

3. reduce consumption of spicy food and hot drinks or soup

4. Exfoliate lips using a mixture of sugar and pure honey to remove dead skin cells around one � twice in a week
5. Compress the lips with ice cubes per day for 2 � 3 minutes

6. Rub-rub a piece of lemon on the lips and rinse off after 10 minutes

7. Do gymnastics lips by way of pronouncing vowels interchangeably, or open-shut up over and over again

8. Multiply the smiles


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