Easy Way Eliminate Appetite

For people with excessive weight to eliminate appetite is one method that can help reduce weight. People with overweight problem usually have a larger appetite. Food is indeed required by our body as an energy source, but for people with excess food appetite can be the source of the threat.

The most frequently encountered effects appetite is uncontrollable weight gain, obesity can lead to a variety of metabolic disease such as diabetes, hypertension and high cholesterol (other). Because that's why the source of the problem should be controlled by removing the sense of appetite.

The following tips on how to eliminate excessive appetite you can try if you are overweight.

Tips Eliminate Appetite

Distract you
How to remove the first appetite that we discussed is to distract you. For people who have a big appetite, desire to eat can arise at any time. For it if you feel hungry you can distract you by doing other activities. You can try to do an activity that you love to love to watch movies, listen to music or read a book.

NB content of your refrigerator
Next, take a look at the contents of your refrigerator, as has been discussed previously holding hunger would be very difficult if many temptations around you. Means one lure for food lovers is the contents of the refrigerator are So are many and varied. If the contents of your refrigerator is not attractive or even the desire to eat empty you will not prosper. Stop buying food and snacks to fill your refrigerator. How to get rid of appetite on this one is considered very powerful especially for those who love snack when hungry.

Eat A Little
How to remove the next appetite is to eat slowly, because basically our brain takes time to receive the signal from the digestive system which filled our stomach. For that attempt to consume slowly and not in a hurry, so you can feel full without having to add a serving of your food.

Set up a schedule packed
The next way is to adjust your schedule to eat, not to let you skip a meal per day. This is because a lot of people who missed the meal schedule, then make it as an excuse to consume food in a larger portion. The habit of eating food in large portions also is one habit that should be avoided by everyone who has high taste.

White water consumption
How to get rid of appetite here is one simple way and very easy to do. To prevent You from consuming too much food or snack when hungry, you can replace it by consuming the white water. Bring plain water or mineral water wherever you travel so that when the hunger you can take some with only consume travel water white.

The consumption of white water before consuming food could also be tipped to reduce appetite, because your stomach is already filled with water then the remaining space for food becomes reduced.

Food consumption anchoring hunger
Here's how to eliminate appetite much frowned upon, because you are still allowed to eat. But the food that is consumed in the argument is the type of food that is known to have certain content to hold Your hunger.

First we will discuss about the apples, a type of fruit that is known to have one of these properties to suppress hunger. By consuming the Apple, then the process of absorption of calories and glucose in the channel would last long. indigestion caused your stomach still feels full and You will still feel full. The same mechanism occurs when you consume complex carbohydrates, such as when you consume red rice or wheat.

In addition you can also consume types of food such as nuts and foods rich in fiber such as vegetables and fruits also. You can also choose green tea as a beverage, green tea is believed to contain a form of EGCG (Epigallocatechin gallate) that can increase fat burning and was able to increase hormone CCK (Cholecystokinin) who can give you a sense of satiety.

Vegetarian/Continental Dining
How to get rid of appetite the next is also not less interesting, you are allowed to consume food! Just that you can snack consumption is a healthy snack that is a type of fresh fruits and vegetables, or also in the form of fruit salad and vegetables. If you are already accustomed to using food as healthy snacks so you don't need to be concerned with weight issues.


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