The Color of The Tongue That Describes Children Health

Information about the Color of the tongue that describes children's health will try The mother, if the child is in a State of pain. One of the organs, which could be a signal to detect health disorders suffered is the tongue. This tongue causes the color will vary in accordance with the condition of the body. Therefore the mother as a parent of Children must often control his tongue. Because it feared the child was having health problems. Thus, any color changes that occur on the tongue? see more again in here....

The color of the tongue that describes children's health

1. Red Tongue
The mother of the child if you see his tongue is red and his body heat. Then at that time this child is experiencing fever or vitamin deficiency. For if these children lack vitamin will make your tongue will be red. As for vitamin deficiency that makes the tongue is red, i.e. vitamin B12 and B3. However, not only is it just because the iron mineral deficiencies can also make a red tongue.

2. Black Tongue
The color of the tongue a black Child? Need to look out for the mother because it is dangerous. Black tongue it signifies that the oral cavity are not clean. However, there are also bacteria that can thrive on the surface of the tongue so the diarea patches teredapat. In addition, black tongue can be caused due to often consume food that is bad. Well, so that these children are not black tongue then give good food.

3. White tongue
Suddenly the child's tongue color white? Surely the mother will worry and panic. You need to know the mother, tongue discoloration in children up to be white because he was dehydrated. While this dehydration cause i.e. infections of the oral cavity. Well, to address these issues, then we recommend Children recommended minumair white much and maintain proper hygiene of the oral cavity as well as the tongue

Well, that's the last few colors the tongue that describes children's health. Actually still many colors  color other tongue can describe health. Hopefully the color information of the tongue can describe children's health is beneficial to us all. Thanks you have visited my blog


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