How To Remove Spiciness With Natural Materials Complete Imam Safii

The typical taste of food Indonesia synonymous with spicy foods. In addition to using Chili, most people use chili sauce, tomato sauce, pepper or some other spicy food complement. For people who liked the spicy, spicy food consuming certainly is mandatory in every food. In addition to eating bland, no taste good without sauce.

But, for people who don't like spicy would stomach pain, keringetan, spiciness and the sensation of the tongue burning hot. Drinking water is a solution reduce spicy shortly. But, sometimes drinking water alone is not enough to eliminate the taste spicy. To remove the taste of spicy needed some way of Relieving the spiciness with the natural ingredients you normally find.

How to remove the natural nutty taste you can use natural ingredients that are safe and reduce spicy flavor quickly. Because drinking water is not always able to eliminate taste spicy. Therefore we will help those of you who don't like the taste of the spicy spicy to get rid of naturally.

How To Remove The Spicy Flavor

1. Brown
The fat content of the chocolate makes a nutty taste in the mouth is gone. Better than chocolate must consume drinking water bergelas-gelas. Due to the high level of spicy when you will not be able to disappear rapidly using water.

2. Peanut butter
Having a fat content that can bind to the enzyme capsaicin. Make peanut butter into the choice to eliminate spicy in nature. By way of greasing slowly onto the tongue, then spicy will be lost.

3. Milk
Have the properties can neutralize the capsaicin enzyme, the enzyme causes hot and spicy in chili. Make milk became the choice to eliminate the spiciness naturally. Do I just simply drinking milk until nutty taste is lost.

4. Lemon
Taste of the acid in the lemons can eliminate spicy in nature. Just simply squeeze lime and smoked. Then the nutty taste will disappear gradually.

5. Coconut water
Can restore electrolytes coconut water as it turns out, can eliminate the taste spicy in nature. You only need to drink coconut juice with sweet, spicy flavors will be lost so quickly and securely.


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