Healthy living behavior to prevent the spread of viruses and bacteria can be started by keeping the house clean. It's not enough just to be diligent in sweeping and mopping,

You also need to pay attention to the cleanliness of objects at home so that they do not become a place for viruses and bacteria to stick. The following are effective steps to clean objects at home to keep them sterile:

1.  Clean frequently touched
objects Choose objects in the house that are frequently touched regularly for surface cleaning, including doorknobs,  stair handrails  , and the like. This is because objects that are frequently touched are more susceptible to being an intermediary for the spread of viruses and bacteria.

2.  Use a clean towel and soapy water.
Wipe frequently touched surfaces with a clean towel and soapy water. This method is useful for cleaning the surface of objects to be free from dirt and dust.
During cleaning, it is recommended that you use disposable gloves and immediately dispose of the gloves in a closed trash can after use. This is to prevent the transfer of viruses and bacteria to your hands when cleaning these objects.

3.  Spray disinfectant.
After that, you can spray a liquid disinfectant containing at least 70% alcohol on the surface of the object. Make sure the disinfectant used is not expired. Wash your hands properly and properly using soap and running water for at least 20 seconds after cleaning.

Perform these three steps regularly to reduce the risk of being infected with viruses and bacteria. A clean house not only makes you and your family more comfortable, but also healthier. Let's continue to practice clean living behavior as the key to preventing disease!


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