Optimizing Regional Cigarette Taxes for Health Services

Commemorating World No Tobacco Day on May 31, the Ministry of Health will hold a Public Dialogue: Utilization of the Regional Cigarette Tax (PRD) and the Tobacco Excise Revenue Sharing Fund (DBHCHT) which will be held online and offline on Thursday (29/4).

Opening the dialogue, Deputy Minister of Health Dante Saksono Harbuwono said that until now the prevalence of smoking in Indonesia is very high. Basic Health Research Data (Riskesdas) states that there is an increase in the prevalence of smoking in the population aged 10 years from 28.8% in 2013 to 29.3% in 2018.

Nowadays, smoking is not only a problem in adults, but also increasingly prevalent among children and adolescents. This is evidenced by the increasing prevalence of smoking in the population aged 10 to 18 years, which is 1.9% from 2013 (7.2%) to 2018 (9.1%).

Of course this raises concerns about the emergence of new health problems, especially Non-Communicable Diseases (PTM) as a result of smoking.

“This increase in cigarette consumption also has an impact on the burden of health costs. BPJS Health data in 2019 shows that the number of cases of Non-Communicable Diseases due to tobacco consumption such as heart disease, stroke, cancer is 17.5 million cases at a cost of more than 16.3 trillion rupiah," said the Deputy Minister of Health.

This certainly encourages the government to continue to make prevention efforts from the central to the regional levels. At the central level, the Ministry of Health together with related Ministries/Institutions seeks to protect the public from exposure to cigarette smoke by increasing cigarette excise, banning cigarette advertisements and policies on smoke-free areas.

Meanwhile, strengthening the region is carried out by increasing the capacity of the region in improving health services and limiting cigarette consumption and protecting the public against the negative impacts of cigarettes, one of which is by establishing a Regional Cigarette Tax (PRD).

Specifically, the rules for the use of health services are regulated in the Regulation of the Minister of Health No. 53 of 2017 concerning Technical Guidelines for the Use of Cigarette Taxes for Funding Public Health Services.

The Vice Minister of Health hopes that through PRD and DBHCHT, regions can improve their ability to carry out various innovations to reduce the circulation and consumption of cigarettes in their regions, further improve health services and improve community welfare.

"This program must be massively escalated in 34 provinces out of 514 regencies/cities throughout Indonesia," pleaded the Deputy Minister of Health.

He emphasized that the smoking problem is a common problem. Of course, support from all parties is needed so that what is a shared hope, namely towards a healthy Indonesia in 2045, is achieved.

Head of Bureau of Communication and Community Service

drg. Widyawati, MKM


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