As a measure to prevent the spread of COVID-19, the government urges people to limit their activities by staying at home. This appeal has encouraged many companies to implement a work from home system or  work from home.

Even if you work from home, make sure your productivity is maintained. The following tips can be followed to keep the work completed on time and meet the target:
Build a commitment to work seriously
Understand that working from home does not mean a day off. Cultivate the mindset that if you just moved from work to home and you still have work responsibilities to complete like when you are in the office.

Set up a dedicated workspace at home
Friends and family members can be a distraction when working at home. Therefore, it is very important to prepare a special workspace at home as a reminder between work and personal matters at home. This will help you focus more.

Set working hours at home according to working hours at the office
Working from home does not mean being able to set working hours at will. Keep working hours that match office hours to maintain productivity and more effective communication.

Make a to-do list for a more organized workflow
Write down the things that must be done that day or the next week in your to-do list table or work notebook. This will make work more structured while at home.

Stay in coordination with colleagues
Always stay connected by staying in touch through digital communication channels, such as  chat,  telephone,  video calls , and the like. Provide news about tasks that have been completed or are being done to superiors and co-workers so that the work process continues optimally. You can also propose to hold regular meetings every day at certain hours to let each other know the results of the work in the team.

Practice the five ways above so you can maintain productivity while working from home. Also make sure you adopt a healthy lifestyle while working from home, such as getting enough rest, drinking lots of water, consuming a balanced nutritious diet, and exercising regularly. Let's stay healthy and productive during this pandemic!


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